GMLAN Enhanced Diagnostic Services

AUTFACTORY Support for the OEM Standard GMLAN Enhanced Diagnostic Services (GMW3110)

We are very excited to have been able to supplement our existing array of supported diagnostics functions!



Nearly every modern control unit (ECU) has a diagnostics interface that enables the client to read out or write diagnostic information. In car workshops, this makes it possible to query the error memory, the software status, or the serial numbers for individual control units and update these with new firmware.

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Such functions aren’t merely attractive to workshops, however, but are also used earlier in the process at testing facilities in order to check quality characteristics and do quality assurance. ISO 13229, which describes the Unified Diagnostic Services on the application level, is taken as the basis for this diagnostics interface and has been supported by AUTFACTORY with the internally implemented UDS channel for years now.


We are very excited to have been able to supplement our existing array of supported diagnostics functions over the past few months with an OEM-specific standard that allows us to directly address General Motors control units via GMW3110 – GMLAN Enhanced Diagnostic Services. Considering the example of the transmission testing station, all diagnostics services have been implemented here that are necessary in order to

  • Read out the fault memory,
  • Perform control functions, and
  • Cyclically monitor ECU-specific features.

Supported communication standards of AUTFACTORY

Standard Description
ISO 14229-1:2011 Specification and requirements
ISO 14229-2:2011 Session layer services
ISO 15765-1/2/3:2004 Diagnostics on CAN
ISO 10681-1/2:2010 Communication on FlexRay
SAE J2534-1 Standard Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming
GMW3110 GMLAN Enhanced Diagnostic Test Mode Specification


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