HIS Human Information System

AUTFACTORY Human Information System

Flexibility and new possibilities for your company

Hardly any alternatives have existed in the area of HMI suitable for productive systems for a long time. The few providers supported only their own hardware, at relatively high prices, and the selection of expansion options was practically none. Set new standards in the area of your plant visualization and discover new possibilities with AUTFACTORY Human Information System, HIS for short. We have been developing MES solutions for our customers for ten years and know the challenges of the systems used so far. That is why we created a new concept that brings benefits to our customers.

How does the data get to the web?

The aim of the newly developed data interface was to cover the various requirements of the different data sources and to make our system ready for Industry 4.0. We can process large amounts of data that way, such as from a database, as well as small, but rapidly changing, data from a sensor. The web clients communicate with the server via a sophisticated push notification system. Thus, we can ensure efficient and high-performance data transfer. The security of communication between server and client is ensured by SSL encryption.

Open up new possibilities

The use of web-based visualization also opens up numerous new opportunities for your company. For example, have you ever considered using the HMI as a training platform? Short training videos on the individual stations and work steps make it easier for new employees to get familiarized with their jobs and you save training personnel! Or simply use the built-in functions of a tablet or smartphone and replace not just touch panels, but also scanners. To do this, scan the barcode of the batch or the production item to get all the necessary information on your display or to start a production process.

The plant is down because of a broken screwdriver? Take a picture with your smartphone camera and document the system downtime directly in our system. You will be one step ahead of the future with AUTFACOTRY HIS!


Reduce your
development costs

Thanks to the HTML5 web standard, almost all devices in a company network can access the user interface and create evaluations without any plug-ins or complex client installations. Develop visualization for all systems instead of adapting your requirements for each workstation to limited options. This reduces development and maintenance costs and additional costs for expensive touch panels.

Take advantage of the customization options

In cooperation with our designers, we have developed a new, fresh user experience. With the appropriate expansion interfaces, you can easily customize colors, sizes, and appearance to your needs, creating your own reusable project template for all your systems. Of course, we have not forgotten about already established web standards, such as Responsive Design.

Create your visualizations yourself

Stay independent and create or change your visualizations yourself. With the included Designer, this is also possible without HTML background knowledge. Use a variety of controls developed by us or design your own. By integration into the Visual Studio development environment, you have a powerful tool with many settings options available.

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities of universal web visualization? We are happy to arrange a personal consultation including a live demo.

Live Demo!

Your Live Demo!

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities of universal web visualization? We are happy to arrange a personal consultation including a live demo.



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