Create transparency and increase effectiveness

Capturing the OEE score and associated losses provides important insights into the systematic improvement of the manufacturing process. With these findings, you can now identify losses and react early.


Collecting information

The key to any successful asset optimization is the correct identification of losses. If you already use AUTFACTORY as MES, then all the necessary data is available to you. But we have also developed a solution for other lines or individual stations which transfers your data simply and securely to our control system. Define the data you want to record comfortably and flexibly via our web interface and you are ready to start.

Identify losses

Once you have recorded the first data, you will be able to optimize your system step by step. Using our production data analysis and our OEE report, you can identify losses easily and quickly.

Which station is a bottleneck for you?
Which unplanned shutdowns have the greatest impact on your production?
Are too many defective parts being produced?

Take a look at the OEE metrics (availability, performance, and quality) and you will see which optimization suggestions have the most potential. Start with the biggest losses and then work your way to the smaller ones. Do you know what downtimes really affect your production? We give you the opportunity to adapt your analyzes to your needs in order to create the best possible evaluation for you.


Do not forget to check your improvements for effectiveness, because this is the only way to ensure that you have reached your goal. Of course, we also offer the best ways to compare your current performance with those of the past. Were you able to increase your production? Congratulation! The first step towards a more efficient system is done. Now it’s time to eliminate the next biggest cause of loss.


Save expensive investments

Expensive investments for additional machines can be saved by uncovering spare capacity!

Increase effectiveness

By automatically recording the OEE KPI, deviations are detected immediately and any potential for improvement identified. The reduced response time has a positive effect on the effectiveness of your system!


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