Parameter management

Parameter management

Stay flexible!

Device-independent access

With the parameter management, another feature of our AUTFACTORY is now available on the web. We have set ourselves the goal of making AUTFACTORY accessible to all our users, using the latest technologies. With updated, more modern user interfaces you can get access from all devices, at all times. With customizable user elements, individual pages adapt to the needs of each user. Thanks to the shift to the web, this is now possible regardless of location or device.

Quality assurance

Traceability of all changes

The AUTFACTORY parameter management makes it possible to set, manage and, if necessary, extend the individual parameters for lines, their products and associated types. Audit trails ensure 100% traceability of every parameter change. A practical e-mail notification service immediately informs those responsible about settings that have been made. In addition, a flexible rights system secures access from all process levels down to individual parameters.



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