Fourth industrial revolution

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Protecting the future of production in times of globalization, complex framework conditions, and ever shorter product life cycles. With AUTFACTORY, you are optimally equipped for the fourth industrial revolution!

Your production
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Manufacturing Control Center

Key performance indicators, system statuses, reports, and central parameter management under one roof. Stay flexible and access your data at any time from anywhere. Thanks to HTML 5, almost every device is supported – whether notebook, tablet or smartphone!

Your data
is worth gold

Production Data Analytics

AUTFACTORY enables a flexible connection to controllers and peripheral components to ensure automated collection of all relevant data. The times of high personnel costs and late, incomplete reports with transposed numbers are a thing of the past thanks to AUTFACTORY.


Test Bench Control Center

AUTFACTORY has been used in the automotive industry worldwide for over a decade. Above all, customers appreciate the integrated communication with a wide variety of control devices including CAN, LIN or FlexRay protocol, and flexibility. Less programming, more parameterizing.


Ahead of time and Industry 4.0


Manufacturing Control Center

AUTFACTORY’s Manufacturing Control Center (MCC) is designed as a modern control system for the manufacturing industry. It enables the mapping and control of the entire value chain. A bidirectional connection of the control level of different manufacturers, such as Siemens, Beckhoff or Bosch-Rexroth, is realized with the universal interface OPC-UA. Keep an eye on your entire production line with just one software.


Test Bench Control Center

AUTFACTORY Test Bench delivers consistent quality! Each product in your production, with and without control unit, undergoes seamless testing under simulated real-time conditions. With flexible, self-configurable test procedures, the program adapts exactly to your requirements. Functions such as restbus simulation, flexible communication channels, and evaluation via external interfaces equip your test bench for the requirements of a demanding industry.

Thus, you, your customers, and the market can be safe. Your product passes the everyday test with ease.


Manufacturing Control Center

The most important features at a glance

Line designer

Specify any number of areas, lines or cells and feature sets to create a virtual image of your production line.

Product and parameter management

Ensure your quality by managing all process parameters centrally. Changes are automatically documented and completely traceable.


Productivity analysis

Identify cycle time, quality, and performance loss in real time. Productivity analysis automatically shows you the causes of potential losses to make it possible for you to intervene quickly.

Production data traceability

Complete recording of process results from assembly to testing. You always have complete transparency of your products.

Test bench Control Center

The most important features at a glance

Individual test sequences

AUTFACTORY Test Bench delivers end-to-end quality with flexible test sequences that you can configure yourself. Precisely tailored to your requirements.

Evaluations at the push of a button

AUTFACTORY sets new standards with unique features. With our ad-hoc query, you gain all relevant data at the push of a button at runtime and without any IT and programming knowledge being required.


Restbus simulation

To run an ECU, signals are sent to the device in cyclical intervals. With this operation, the live operation of a vehicle is simulated.

Control units flashing

Flashing and updating your ECUs directly in the end-of-line area.

Even more great features

Overall equipment effectiveness

Prevent mistakes

The calculation of the total system effectiveness is the first step to initiate further measures to increase efficiency. Bottlenecks in production can be identified early with the key performance indicators and remedied.

Andon Board

Individual ads

Increase your output. Through the central visualization of production targets, you will always have current KPIs and the plant status. You design your boards individually with the Manufacturing Control Center.

Email notification

Always stay up to date

Get notified immediately if something does not go the way you want it to. You can attach a notification to every recorded event, quite easily and individualized.

Open interfaces

Stay flexible

Stay connected! AUTFACTORY offers a variety of connection options to the management level, such as SAP®, BMD®, MS Dynamics NAV®. You can easily read data from the field level without any detours via our native interfaces, also with OPC-UA directly from the controllers and peripherals.


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